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I am Anna. I play, I sing, I compose.


Born in Tarragona, Anna was introduced to the world of music by her mother, and from the time she was a small child, she studied piano and dance. When she finally entered the Conservatory, she chose Piano as her concentration, although she has continued to dance in her spare time. In 2006, Anna completed her studies with highest marks. That same year was awarded the Special Prize of Honor and was selected from more than 80 pianists to study at the Catalunya Superior School of Music (ESMUC).

There, Anna had the opportunity to study intensively with such great professors as Dr. Rafael Salinas and Professor Leonid Sintsev during her study abroad at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory. She completed her degree in 2011 with a qualification of Excellent in both her overall studies and in her final project.

During her time at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, Anna was been invited to study and play on many occasions, as well as in Moscow where she was recorded for Russian radio and television. There, she also had the opportunity to work with Professor Nadiejda Eysmont and Dr. Tamara Novichenko (trainer of Anna Netrebko), who described her voice as a "golden voice" for its bright and warm timbre.

She was trained as a lieder pianist by both Wolfram Rieger and and Hartmut Höll. She won a scholarship to attend Rieger’s Lied Master Class and was chosen to participate in the Savonlinna International Music Festival in Finland with Höll.  

In her last year at conservatory, Anna began to train as a singer. Since then, Anna has been taught by Ana Luisa Chova, Enedina Lloris, Mireia Pintó, Assumpta Mateu, and Pilar Morales. She has also received advice and attended master classes with Barry Douglas, Hartmut Höll, Joaquín Achúcarro, Vladislav Bronewetzky, Josep Ma Colom, Elisabeth Leonskaya, Christian Zacharias, Nina Seriogyna, and Oleg Malov, among others.

Since entering ESMUC, Anna has began working in Jazz and Modern music and continued training principally with Ana Finger, as well as with Carme Canela, Daniel Anglès, and Viv Manning (Musical Theater).

She has performed throughout Spain and Russia and has participated in projects such as "La Nit en Vetla,” the music for which was composed by Juanjo Villarroya with Carles Santos on piano. Atiende Films created a documentary for the project.

She’s also part of As de Veus (with Ana Puche, Anna Alàs, and Silvia Bartés) with whom she created “Cabaret Songs,” a show that reimagined the standard recital format as cabaret.




Anna offers private and group lessons in piano and voice study. She has a decade of experience as a teacher both in private lessons and group teaching. She works with students of all ages, interests, and musical levels, from beginner's instrument to students who are preparing for their exams to enter higher studies.



With studies in interpretation, co-repetition, the lied form, and modern music, Anna will help you enjoy your instrument whatever your level.

I’m an amateur music student. Since I was 4 years old, I have dedicated myself to piano, and it wasn’t until I turned 36 that finally I found Anna Francesch. I have been studying with her for two years now, and Anna has been an excellent teacher. She has helped me become technically proficient but with an emphasis on musicality and sensitivity. With her rare combination of talents as pianist and educator, Anna is able to easily transfer her deep knowledge and training, while adapting to the sensitivities and particular needs of each student. Thus, the student achieves a comprehensive understanding of music, moving continually towards full and authentic musical interpretation and expression.
— Alex B.


Equally important for singers as for professionals in all areas, training and mastery of the voice is essential.

Anna brings together the qualities that a professional needs today: not only is she an excellent pianist who dominates different styles, but she also possesses great gifts as a singer and pedagogue. She is an example of a complete and highly qualified musician.
— Rafael S.

Current Projects


Toscana Dance Hub

Anna has been chosen to participate as a pianist in the Toscana Dance Hub program (from July 11-30, 2017), where Giada Ferrone, Lecturer at NYU, is the Artistic Director. The program offers participants the opportunity to work with professional dancers in classes on Classical and Contemporary Dance, as well as Original Choreography.

Mute Cinema Concert

For the past two years, Anna has been performing Concert per Cinema Mut (Mute Cinema Concert), a performance which interprets three silent films: Buster Keaton's The Cameraman, Walter Ruttmann's Berlin, and Dziga Vértov's A Man With a Movie Camera. Anna sings both original work and covers accompanied by a pianist. You can see photos from past performances and read more about the project here.


Upcoming Events



“Anna Francesc and Max Villavecchia present Música per a cinema mut, an experimental format that blends musical montage with silent cinema. The pair produce collections of musical pieces in several languages and from various genres that become soundtracks for silent films.”

Miniguide, July 5, 2015


"Sota la introducció i presentació del crític de cinema Rafael Miret gaudirem d’un cicle de cinema mut amb música en viu interpretada per Anna Francesch (veu i piano) i Max Villavecchia (piano, arranjaments) amb un programa creat especialment per l’ocasió, innovador amb improvisacions, musicals entorn autors de l’època com Kurt Weill, Edith Piaff, Britten, Prokofiev, grans estàndards del Real Book, Roger&Hammerstein, etc. que acompanyen les pel•lícules que abraçaren corrents artístiques tan importants com l’expressionisme alemany o l’avantguarda soviètica."

La Vanguardia, July 4, 2014



“A partir d’una selecció guiada dels grans títols del cinema mut pel crític de cinema Rafel Miret, els músics proposen un acompanyament. Es tracta d’una sèrie de tres pel·lícules amb introducció i presentació del crític que permetrà gaudir-les més en profunditat. Seguidament la pel·lícula anirà acompanyada d’un programa de música creada especialment per a ella pels músics Anna Francesch (veu i piano) i Max Villavecchia (piano, arranjaments).”

Time Out Barcelona, January 7, 2016


"Composing, however, isn't entirely new to Anna. She also performs locally, singing in a show called Concert per Cine Mut (Mute Cinema Concert) that she conceived of and co-produced with her good friend pianist Max Villavecchia. Together the pair created an original soundtrack for three different silent movies. For Berlin, Symphony of a Metropolis, a work of German expressionist cinema by Walter Ruttmann, the pair selected ten songs, both reinterpretations and original compositions, which range in style from jazz to rock. The experience has been a great one for her, and has helped to shape her budding career as an artist in the local music scene."

Kita Collective, September 12, 2016



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